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Rental Agreement

Quotes and Pricing

A quote holds pricing and event date availability for 5 days. Pricing is non-negotiable and subject to change without notice if beyond quote hold timeframe.


Deposit due with signed rental agreement and is half of total due. Complete invoice total with any changes or substitutions due two weeks prior to event.

Changes to Order

Changes to an order cannot be done within six weeks of event.

Rental Pickup Requirements

Pickup date and time set at least a week prior to event. Vehicle must be adequate to transport these bulky letters. They weigh 40-50 lbs each. Vehicle space for letters preferably should be enclosed and include proper moving supplies to ensure safe transportation. These supplies include moving blankets between letters, possibly tie downs. Customer is responsible for this moving equipment. Due to weather variability and moving standards, if vehicle does not fit rental requirements at time of pickup, customer will not be able to complete rental and refund will not be issued. Letter and Light Co. staff will determine these conditions. If at pickup, it is determined by Letter and Light Co. that misuse of letters may occur, it can be determined that pickup is not warranted and no refund will be provided. Designated pickup person must show valid  drivers license at time of pickup. Renters will be responsible for lifting and transporting the letters at their own risk if electing pickup options. 

Delivery Requirements

If delivery is chosen, delivery charge is added to order based on number of marquees rented and distance to event location. Details will be written in individual customer invoice. Customer is responsible for having all rental pieces ready for pickup in designated location at venue and designated person to handle this scheduled handoff. If marquee letters are not available or accessible upon pickup, customer will be charged a second delivery fee and will be responsible for coordinating a new pickup time with the venue and Letter and Light Co. 


Setup is included in delivery. If Letter and Light Co. determines that misuse of items may occur, the letters will not be left at venue and no refunds will be issued.  If customer is picking up, setup to be done by renter. It is not advised to move rental pieces once set up, as they are heavy and may get damaged with unnecessary rearranging. Setup placement will be discussed and in contract prior to event. Letter placement must be in a location where items will stay dry. Customer assumes responsibility in outdoor wedding set up as well. if inclement weather is possible, customer must have a plan b with alternate location to avoid damage to Letter and Light Co. property. Placement must be on stable, flat ground and not above ground level. Nothing is to be attached to marquee letters unless discussed with Letter and Light Co. and in contract. 

Rental Return

When pickup is chosen, return date and time will be scheduled with Letter and Light Co. If items are not returned per schedule arrangement, a late fee will be charged. If Letter and Light Co. is unable to reach renter, replacement fees will be determined and customer credit card on file will be charged. 

Damaged Items

Customer assumes responsibility in full once picked up or delivered. Customer agrees to pay complete replacement costs for damaged or lost marquee letters. Rental items must remain in "like new" condition. Handprints and small smudges that can be touched up with paint are not an issue. However, excessive markings, scratches, indents, mud or dirt will be assessed and additional charges may occur. Items will be reviewed by Letter and Light Co. once returned and the customer will be notified within 5 days of any damages and possible charges. Damage/replacement costs must be paid within 7 days or the credit card on file will be billed. 

Payment Policy

A valid credit card must be kept on file with Letter and Light Co. and used for additional inventory or services requested, cleaning, repairing or replacing damaged goods. Letter and Light Co. does not accept checks. 

Order Changes

A new invoice will be submitted to customer with any changes, substitutions or added services. Additional deposits will be due. Changes cannot be made within 14 days of event. Changes must be in writing or email form to avoid confusion and keep communication consistent. These written changes are considered legally binding and do not require a signature to be valid. Changes may be available within this 14 days ior day of event if availability permits. 


With a signed contract, the customer has reserved a specific event date and paid a deposit of 50% of total due. Deposit is non-refundable. Cancelling an event is possible no later than 30 days prior to event at which point, the customer is not responsible to pay the remaining invoice balance. However, if a custom order was made specifically for a customer's event, they are contractually obligated to pay entire balance due. 

Breach of Contract

If payment is not received by due date, credit card on file is invalid, expired or unable to be authorized, non payment will be a breach of contract. If payment is not made by specified due date in contract or communicated and authorized by Letter and Light Co., items and event dates are available to other customers without notice. Letter and Light Co. is not contractually obligated to refund previous payments or accept payments attempts beyond due date in contract. 


By agreeing to the rental terms you are giving Letter and Light Co. rights to use photos taken at your event for marketing and advertising purposes. You will not be compensated from the use of these photos.

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